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Take the Challenge and Help Homeless Families

bikerace A great event for a great cause, sponsored by Family Promise

DEAL: 10% Off @ The Curious Reader in Glen Rock

tipsfromtown 10% off when you mention TIPS!

So Much Happening in Ridgewood!

lax day Spring has sprung and there's a lot to do.

The Whale in My Swimming Pool

Meet Joyce Wan next Friday. She believes that everything should be cute, round, and chubby…just like the adorable whales in her new children’s book. whale in swimming

A Quick-Fix, Energy Booster

Exercise, full body, fitness, cardio, strength, arms, legs, squats, plyometrics, quick, easy, boredom buster, energy booster, wake up call, tips from town

Whether you're in need of a boredom buster or a desire to conquer your mid-day coma attacks, I've got an easy, quick fix or you.

Read This Before You Get Pregnant Again

read this before you get pregnant again

There is a specific time you should wait before conceiving again.

Celery, Apple & Fennel Slaw

Celery, Apple & Fennel Slaw

Sensory overload? I think not. Loaded with fresh ingredients and that crunch you want with a slaw. If that’s not enough your tastebuds are rewarded with just the right amount of sweet and tangy pop to follow!
recipe creds: bonappetit.com 

Oven Fries w/Coriander Seeds

potaotes, french fries, baked fries, baked potatoes, oven-baked fries, coriander, coriander seeds, thyme, fries

Avoid the greasy mess of deep-fried French fries… oven-baked are the healthier choice and kids hardly notice the difference.  A little enhancement via coriander and thyme appeal to both adults and kids alike.  Adds just the right amount of flavor for the perfect potato make-over.

BBQ Patty Melt Burger

BBQ Patty Melt Burger

The recipe calls for cooking the burgers on a griddle or frying pan, but I also recommend grilling.  The griddle/pan method keeps the burgers juicy, although warmer weather stirs the grill master in us all.  These burgers are simply to-die-for… no joke.

RHS Fashion Show Pictures

DSC_0229.JPG Check out our photo gallery from this fun annual event

Saks Fifth Avenue Friends and Family Sale


Shop til you drop during the Saks Friends and Family sale.

Parenting Tip: Pretend Your Child is Someone Else’s

mother and daughter

The connectedness between mother and child is wonderfully intense, but it can get in the way of rational thinking and common sense. It works both ways. It can make us feel unreasonably accountable for our children's mistakes. And, it sometimes puts on us blinders, so we can't see our own child's faults and shortcomings.

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