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Three Pairs Of Hoop Earrings For Under Ten Dollars


A great buy on hoop earrings.

Devilish Eggs

Devilsh Eggs

An American classic… from sea to shining sea.

Green Onion Biscuits

Green Onion Biscuits

Flaky yet dense and moist.  Green onion pack the biscuits with flavor leaving out any of that “oniony” aftertaste.

Orange Marmalade Ham

Orange-Marmalade Ham I

Want your family to rush to the table to dig into their meal?  Try selling them on the fact that orange marmalade is used and it creates a candy-coating!  Buying an already spiral-cut ham is key.  I found that out the hard way…

Day Trip: South Norwalk, CT

Day Trip South Norwalk, CT bridge

South Norwalk, Connecticut has all the makings of a great day trip. The variety of restaurants and small shops on Washington Street are all in well-preserved turn of the century buildings.

Bloomingdale’s Friends and Family


Scoop up some great deals during this Friends and Family event.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas


No school? No worries. There's plenty to do right in the tri-state area. Take your kids on a day trip. You might not have time to see these exhibits normally, so a staycation is a great opportunity to get some culture. It will be a lot of fun and great education for the whole family.

The Egg – Friend or Foe?

nutrition, diet, eggs, cholesterol, lutein, choline, vitamin D, protein, heart health, tips from town

Are eggs really the villains that the media portrays them as?

Are We Stealing Sexy from our Daughters?

stealing sexy

Is our own generation's quest for the fountain of youth impeding our daughters' right to find their own style?

Coming Up in Ridgewood

Open Shelves and the Art of Displaying Books 3 There's always something to do around town

The Best Undies For Girls


The best undies for girls.

Tips For Travel with Kids

travel with kids

Spring Break is upon us! If you are getting away with small kids, take a pause from packing and read the simple ways you can make the trip easier.

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